What do we do?

We create side blinkers in different colors and materials, that can fit most glasses so that your eyes are protected when wearing your favorite glasses.  Personalize your glasses with exclusive colors and models as you protect your eyes!

How do we do this?

We've patented a clip-on system so that you can attach BlinkSet to your glasses and protect yourself better against the sun and wind. We use pieces of leather left over from other production processes to create unique and unrepeatable collections. We're now also working with recycled materials for our coming collections.

For what purpose?

Protect your eyes and match your glasses to your clothes, based around what you have planned ahead of you. We want to be there with you on your adventures and help you tell your story in a distinctive way. Because there are many glasses brands, but you're always on the look out for something different. Also, for anyone with pollen allergies, eye-related conditions or if you want to avoid getting crow's feet around your eyes without having to give up your favorite sunglasses.


We support sustainability and raise environmental awareness.


Our products are made from pieces of leather left over from production processes for items such as bags and wallets, produced in Ubrique's main luxury-brand factories. The collections we create are unique and limited because working with discarded leather pieces means we can't be sure the same color will be available in the future.


We research to find material that produces the minimal amount of environmental impact. We're now also working with recycled materials for our coming collections.


All product components are manufactured in Barcelona. The leather we reuse and the recycled material are produced in Barcelona, by cutting and adding the rubber and eyelets.