History of our sunglasses side protectors

BlinkSet was created in early 2019. I went to spend a few days in the mountains and a gust of wind blew sand into the side of my glasses, leaving my eye watering which meant I couldn't enjoy the rest of my trip.

As soon as I got home, I started looking for glasses that offer protection because I do a lot in natural surroundings all year round: skiing, surfing, sailing... I saw the Vuarnet ski goggles, which became fashionable in the 80s and which had side covers. I liked the way they looked and their functionality, but thought it would be interesting to change the concept of these side covers and be able to use them not only for sports glasses, but for universal use, and make them adaptable to any type of glasses worn for everyday use.

I started to think about what could be done to make these protectors adaptable to any type of glasses, with a firm clipping system. So, together with my friends at @elarco.design, we worked on designing a clip and protector capable of meeting the requirements of almost all models of glasses on the market.

And we did it! Now with BlinkSet you can customize your favorite glasses without having to buy new ones. You can match the protectors to your look and use them for whatever you're planning to do.

They're like cell phone covers, in different colors, easy to exchange... and they protect your eyes!

About us



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I started this adventure alone, but I'm surrounded by people who are experts in each of area I need. Together with my friends from @elarco.design y grupo.ACTÚA, we designed and started to produce the initial prototypes. Herrero&Asociados helped me patent the invention. @disculpi helped me develop the brand strategy and with the support of @BarcelonActiva and @whiteeventsandprojects I'm moving forward with this project.

As I said, this is an adventure and every day I learn something new and find new details to work on. "I'm the CEO, the sales director and the intern who serves me my morning coffee.