The universal accessory for your favorite glasses.

Blinkset side shields for sunglasses, model Night.Night
Blinkset side shields for sunglasses, model Ocean.Ocean
Blinkset side shields for sunglasses, model Dolphin.Dolphin


Customize your glasses with exclusive colors and models.

How does it work?

Protect yourself and bring a touch of distinctiveness to your day.


Make it a story worth telling.


1 BlinkSet €18 - 2 BlinkSet €29

Because there are many glasses brands, but you're always on the look out for something different.


We'll answer your queries

We are a Barcelona company created at the start of 2019 to produce side blinkers that can fit almost all models of glasses.
Simply buy a BlinkSet and if they don't fit, you can return it in accordance with our cancellation policy.
Each set contains two side blinkers, six large clips, six small clips, instructions for use and small branded fabric bag.
Each BlinkSet contains 2 clip sizes so you can use the one that fits your glasses best. Read the product description and follow the instructions for use.
Mainly yes, but please check out our physical outlets such as ski shops, opticians and concept stores. Follow us on social networks and keep up to date with all our news as we are working to expand the network to different stores.